Never miss a reminder for a critical task again. ReRemind doesn't just remind you about a task, it re-reminds you. Once a week, once a day, each hour, or every minute, whichever you prefer. And it keeps re-reminding you until you mark the task as complete.

Reminders can be set up as repeating, based on the scheduled due date (which is typical of most calendar applications). Or you can set the reminder to repeat based on a set time after you actually complete it.

ReRemind was originally conceived as a way to track medications, both the administering, as well as the refilling of prescriptions and scheduling doctors appointments. However, the uses for the app are many.

Example: Administering Medicine. If you need to take daily meds, a calendar appointment just won't cut it. You only get one notification, and if you miss it, you're out of luck. ReRemind, on the other hand, will remind you at the scheduled time, and continue reminding you again every minute (or every hour, or every day) until you acknowledge the reminder. When you mark it complete, the app schedules the next reminder for the same time the next day, regardless of when you complete the task.

Example: Refilling Prescriptions. Some prescriptions have variable doses ("two or three times a day" or "when needed"). If you refill a prescription that should last 30 to 45 days, you can set a reminder for 30 days, at which point you check your supplies. The reminder can re-remind you to check again each day until you actually refill the prescription. At that point, the app automatically schedules the next reminder for 30 days from the date you refilled the prescription.

Example: Grooming Your Dog. Your dog usually needs a grooming about once a month, so you might set up a reminder for 9am on the first of the month, with a daily re-remind interval. The app will notify you at 9am on the first, then again at 9am on the second, and the third day of the month, until you finally have the dog groomed. If takes until the 15th of the month to actually get around to grooming the pooch, you don't want the reminder to repeat on the first of next month (that would only be two weeks from now!). Instead, set the reminder interval to one month from the actual completion. That way, when you wash the dog on the 15th, the next reminder automatically will be scheduled for the 15th of the next month.