RohuMatch is similar to Mahjong games, except optimized for the small screen. The board consists of stacks of tiles; there are four tiles of each kind. The player must find matching tiles to remove them from the board. The dots on the tile indicate how many more tiles are beneath it.

Scoring is based on how quickly the player removes tiles from the board. You must remove 30 tiles or more per minute to advance to the next level. Removing sixty tiles per minute will earn you three stars.

Every level can be solved without needing to reshuffle; however, if you get yourself into a bind, you can reshuffle the tiles at any time. And if you're lost for a move, swipe across the playing area, and the game will give you a hint.

There are 50 levels, each with more tiles, and higher stacks. It's a real challenge getting three stars on all 50 levels!